Thursday, September 20, 2007

a letter

Dear whoever is reading

I have reached the age of 39. Where have my 30's gone? I have wallowed the past couple of weeks about mourning my 30's and not accomplishing what I had wanted to do. I then thought of everything I have done

1. I met W when I was 31. It took over 7 years but we finally got married in July.
2. To get to this point it took a lot of pain and heartache at times but the joy I feel with her is something I want for the rest of my life.
3. I got out of a marriage that was becoming abusive pretty quick. W and her home were my refuge until x left to go to another state. I have spent a lot of time mulling over this in the last few years and I realize I did what I needed to do to survive at that time. My kids suffered for a bit but they are all fine now.
4. W had her own personal hell at times.
5. We have 5 awesome kids. No one can tell us we don't have a good family. Our oldest 2 are in the top 10% of their classes and member's of the National Honor Society. We also have a 6th for this year. We are surviving lol.
6. I have finished 2 years of hellish counseling at times. Am I perfect? No damn I don't have to be!
7. I am about 90% done with my degree, I am suffering Seniortis pretty hard this semester. I should graduate in May!!!
8. I am tired of having a dead Gay/ Lesbian community where we live. It's a hushed community and to be out is to crucify your career.
9. I wish people would grow up. I would love to know how they would feel if they were fired because their hair was to kinky of curls.
10. My oldest will be 18 next month. I am finished raising him. Guidance is most of what is going on now. My heart is proud and breaks at the thought of him turning 18.

Friday, August 31, 2007

sept here we come

We are all back in school and I am already sick! Ew! Anyway W has a chance to get a vice-principal job in a school district an hour from here. It is a very hard choice to make. Some days I am all for it other days I feel overwhelmed about her being gone so much. I will not let my misgivings at times overrule what is the best decision. Her current position is sucky and this a a big step in her career. We won't know anything for a few more weeks so we have time to talk.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


can't a semester ever start easy and calm?!!!! I am supposed to do what they call a fall experience. This means I am in the classroom the before school starts and the first day of school. We do this prior to student teaching which I am doing the spring semester. I went to the education dept because I have not received my letter yet. Somehow my file has landed in a black hole. Now I have one day to arrange a fall experience or I cannot student teach and graduate in May!!! So not fair! Tomorrow I will need to go and see this through in between my classes.

We still know nothing of W's teaching assignment. School starts Monday. Things here are mighty stressful. Not fun at all.